Chairman's Message

Welcome to SPE Warri Nigeria Section


Dear SPE members,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome you as the chairman of SPE Warri.

I am honored to lead a section that epitomizes the pursuit of global excellence. Our unwavering commitment to this principle aligns perfectly with SPEI's mission to connect a global community of energy professionals, fostering knowledge exchange, innovation, and technical competence in the exploration, development, and production of oil, gas, and related resources for a safe, secure, and sustainable energy future.

As we embark on this new board year, we reflect on the accomplishments and foundations laid by our predecessors.This board year is particularly significant for us as it marks our 35th anniversary. We have outlined a host of events to celebrate our section’s achievement in the past 35 years.

We commenced this year with Section Officers' Training, equipping our officers and committee members with the necessary tools for success. Building upon that, a strategic workshop brought our goals and work plans into focus.

We raised the bar even higher by organizing a remarkable Productivity Enhancement Workshop, in collaboration with the Southern Africa and Maputo Sections, that attracted experts from around the globe. The overwhelming positive feedback serves as a testament to the bedrock of success upon which we stand.

Our Technical and Distinguished Lectures, Energy4me Programs, Diversity and Inclusion Outreach, SPECares initiatives, and Community Impact Programs have earned us well-deserved recognition. The SPE International Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year Award honors our commitment to inclusivity and the positive impact we have made on countless lives. Additionally, we have been bestowed with the Section Excellence Award, Distinguished Lecture Award, and the SPE Nigeria Council's Outstanding Section Award.

These prestigious accolades are dedicated to our exceptional Section Directors, Board Members, Senior Members, Section Officers, Young Professionals, Student Members, and all who have contributed to our remarkable success stories. It is through your unwavering dedication that we have become global achievers, fulfilling SPE's vision and mission at both international and regional levels.

Thank you.

Magdalene Umoh

SPE Section 104 Chairman